What appears singular disappears in plural

National (GEo)graphic Presents: A Woman’s Deadly Stare

With the gaze of a predator set dead locked in her stance nothing breaks her concentration until the message is visually transmitted.  This is National (GEo)graphic’s segment of….Women and the Unknown Language of their Facial Stares!!! 

The female creature walks into her territory only to find a new predator invading her social pack.  She slowly furrows the eyebrows, her mouth is frowning, narrowed eyes, and chin jutting out.  But this isn’t the wild…its worse…its the table she sits at with all her friends and just so happens a new female is present.  The look of ANGER is replaced with a fake smile…no muscles required or present around the shoulders or face…just a mask to keep appearances.  

The New Female Creature sits with a new pack looking for signs of acceptance into a new group to call her own.  Unfortunately, one of the pack leaders has just arrived and the feeling of FEAR starts to enact.  With pushed lips, eyes a little wide open, and eyebrows slightly raised our new potential pack follower quickly muffles her true features with a…fake smile (facial and shoulder muscles not included).  

The Pack Leader accepts the new followers attendance for now but draws her full attention to the current life mate (a guy named Ethan).  Tensions soon arise when our pack leader catches the new follower looking at her mate Ethan.  **Muscles are included** Her shoulders are slightly raised, lips SMILE with dimples on the sides, and eyes relaxed with non-blinking ingenuity.  The moment is in an all feature slow motion reel until she turns slightly to the side and notices the pack leader’s facial expression!

As you can predict in the Feminine Species a protector of her seed giver will normally react with the infamous and classical Deadly Stare!  This look above all others has be known to cause negative side effects to the victim such as fear, anxiety, early menstrual cycles, and in some cases diarrhea (evil eye/ojo effect).  This look consists of the usual facial blank stare.  No muscle usage in the face, no blinking, no smile, just a good old fashion dead stare from the predator to its prey. In most cases situations usually end in a made up scenario that someone called the prey, time to leave, or also the outcome of your usual “WTF you looking at bit*h”.  

In conclusion the female stare is a unique and deadly experience that’s 85% voluntary woman slaughter.  But if the predator were to ever catch her man looking at another woman……..well….tune in for next week’s episode of National (GEo)graphic! Have a great day! :D                 

Los Huevos de Cactus and High Rocket Space Cakes Productions Presents: Jessy Jeckel’s Dining Space Out

Sitting in the far corner table with her back to the wall and eyes on the crowd, secludes a woman who still hasn’t push stop on her CD player since she was 16.  Fourteen years has pass since she’s pressed the start button and now lives a life of power drinking shiner bock, last minute overdrafts on metal concerts, and always wears her first ever AC/DC concert t-shirt every Friday night.  As a little girl she always pictured herself to grow up like Jennifer Connelly but ended up looking more like a relative of the Munsters and a second cousin to the Addams Family.  As usual life gets boring and dull for someone whose life is a constant rollercoaster they don’t want too and can’t stop.  With Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to my nightmare” playing in her Ipod and a Space Out Pill she ordered from the Creepshow magazine…she indulges and begins to mentally Photoshop all that she sees.  As everything begins to look more like a short film from MTV’s “Liquid Television” the waitress walks up and asks “will you like your steak extra bloody, with a side order of maggots, and bat wings?”  As she looks up at the waitress looking like a huge deformed humanoid pig from Planet X she wonders if it would be considered rude to acknowledge to her about the smeared lipstick stain on her big white teeth.  She’s too spaced out to even mention the lipstick stain but ironically agrees to the bloody steak maggot drenched on bat wings.  As her eyes wonder around the room viewing the nice green Alien Family speaking in Spanish, the oil field workers wearing their lucha libre masks, and the sexy skinny club girls with body stitches looking more like the Frankenstein Monster’s daughters.  It’s passed 1:05 a.m. and all the drunk people have less than an hour for that’s all for booty call.  Without warning a harmless middle aged man places a keychain with a note on her table that read, “I’m deaf and selling these to support myself please help God Bless”.  The first thought in Jessy’s mind was the incongruous notion that most religious entrance doors are locked majority of the times and yet Hell’s entry is never closed…that’s fucked up!  She buys the keychain for a dollar fifty and realizes that the deaf man is not deaf at all but a sinister circus clown playing shits and giggles earning $1.50 every 10 minutes in an hour multiplying the number of people in a place plus the amount of sex, drugs, and alcohol that increase the possibility of higher profits…not a bad risky business idea.  With her Ipod set to shuffle the next track playing was Murderdoll’s “Blood Stained Valentine” which so happens to be Jessy’s favorite jam!!!!  Before you know Jessy’s rocking out singing the lyrics visualizing herself as the only person at a Murderdolls’ concert having the time of her life!!!  Back in the real world all the people in the restaurant viewed a goth chick rocking out and singing out loud, “I could have bought you roses or a diamond ring…that’s just material things…this day I want you to be mine…I’m your blood stained valentine!!!!”  If by sure accident Jessy accidently changed the track to Coal Chamber’s “Something Told Me” and within a split second…the realization came that she was missing Coal Chamber’s live performance three blocks away.  Obviously screaming out “I’m missing Coal Chamber” she runs out of the restaurant, ignoring the don’t walk signal lights, and running straight through the entrance doors (with a 20 second pat search wait)…she makes it just in time for the last song of the night “Sway” to start.  Out and about in the air were the chants of “the roof…the roof…the roof is on fire…” distant in the wind for five minutes and thirty three seconds Jessy could only be found bouncing up and down in front of the stage.  Pissed off that she missed the entire set but not “Sway” after more than 16 years since seeing them in concert was just perfect.  But not as perfect as two police officers arresting her for skipping out on paying the restaurant bill outside the venue…sigh.  Even though a space out pill could probably be held accountable but all in all for little excitement that happens in her life…this was as exciting as it could be for her.    

Ground Control this is Starman

The stars here are bright and there’s no words that can describe what I’m seeing right now. It’s an endless mass of galaxies waiting to be discovered. Curse us that we have not open our conscious minds to an overwhelming vast world beyond our perceived outlook. A free dimensional world that is right in front of our eyes…we just needed to focus a bit harder. Fuck Star Trek, fuck Star Wars, and even fuck Dune! I don’t need to go where few have gone before to discover a beautiful universe that’s not already placed right in front of me. All I can say is bye bye world…you can have it all…there’s a completely new world that exist beyond your mental capacity…but you’re too lost within the forest of fame, money, and vanity. You’ve forgotten the way out and that’s YOUR journey. I have a new mission to follow. I say this to anyone who overstands what I’m trying to say. There’s a door between conscious and unconsciousness…If you wake up…you’re on the right side of the bed. Starman signing off. End of transmission.

GEo’s Fables

3rd Degree Bodhi

Can you answer a question without rudely questioning the one waiting for your answer?

The Widening Smile

Many become defensive towards someone who’s physically or verbally vulgar publicly…but it’s the one with the widening smile you should really be concerned with. 

P.B.F.F. (Pseudo Best Friends Forever)

There’s an old saying that states “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, make sure you really know which one is which.  Good Luck!


THEY hurt, THEY abuse, THEY ignore, and THEY broke hearts…it’s always THEY THEY THEY…always excuses but rare when one finally discovers the true source of the despair is not actually THEY…let’s be realistic…how many will actually admit that it was actually YOU YOU YOU!!!!  You always fall for the ASSHOLES! Good morning sunshine…you’ve sleep so long…its nice to see you’ve woken up. 

I change into an Animal (A Fair Vanity)

Recently I’ve been contacted by a follow Tumblrian who sees my blogs as a creative aesthetic collection of masterpieces….I for one think this person needs psychiatric help!  LOL Well above from feeling honored I discovered this form of flattery came along with a request from the young soon to be creative writer.  I was chosen to partake in an interview for a high school writing class project and lucky me I was a second choice next to James O’Barr creator of “The Crow” who could not be reached due to conflicts in his Emo-Theraputic isolation of Sex, Prescription Drugs, and Rock n Roll fantasies (probably setting base for his next Crow series).  So our dear Tumblrian which out of respect for his/her wishes we will call Alpha (only unisex name I could think of……”Kelly can be a guy’s name too..HHEEEYYY!!!!)  conducted the interview by sending me the questions and after ten minutes answering them had to wait until Alpha stop laughing.  With permission from Alpha I felt honored and decided to post our….rather comedic transcript online for everyone to see.  So without further ado here it is!

Alpha – When did you discover you had talent in writing?

GEo – I first discovered at an early age when I was in Elementary…I was a C minus student who couldn’t write a simple dialogue that consisted of making a Hamburger…however I noticed I was very creative when it came to brainstorming ideas whenever I had to write my absent excuse forms.  From elementary to high school I believe my grandmother had died about seven times and suffered extreme cases of vomiting and diarrhea especially living in an area where McDonald’s, authentic Mexican Food (No TACO BELL), and Mexicanese (Chinese Mexican) Restaurants peppered their meats with Don Juan Spices instead of Sichuan.  It brings a different aroma into the household.     

Alpha – Who or what was your first admiration icon growing up that you believe set the stage in your creative writing?

GEo – In truth I know many would normally answer these types of questions with some famous long dead writer such as Mark Twain or throw some philosophical novelist such as Ann Rand or in some cases try to shock the masses by praising some “Rebel from the waist down” icon such as Aleister Crowley.  My first admiration icon never made the top 10 New York best seller’s list nor was ever interviewed on Good Morning America.  Nope!  He never let anyone lower his self-esteem because of the physical pigmentation of his skin or backed down because his persona was not to the liking of the majority of the masses.  Yet he was good enough for Hollywood (The Art by Committee Capital of the World) to develop his own cartoon show.  That man’s name is Beetlejuice LOL!  I was a rather shy boy at the time and it was difficult to relate to anyone especially if you were born different from the rest mentally.  I loved the humor and upfront nature Michael Keaton portrayed Beetlejuice and who would have known that it was unconsciously the way I really was but didn’t notice until later on in life.  I find humor necessary in life and a great therapy during physical or emotional recoveries….forget Dr. Phil…we need Dr. Bee (we can’t say the word Beetlejuice….EEwwwwwww LOL love that scene). 

Alpha – What remedy do you recommend for anyone to break writer’s block?

GEo – I usually try to get creative ideas by walking around the mall looking and hearing everyone passing by me.  I purposely walk into the Victoria’s Secret store pretending that I’m looking for my girlfriend and witness how women spend entirely too much money on bras and butt flosses that’ll never really be shown off LOL.  The point is to not just stop and sit down at a dead end.  Keep moving and think of different perspectives because there is always more than one view to a subject just like there’s different areas and angles on spotting women’s thong underwear.  I find that if you’re at a deadlock on coming up with any creative ideas then think of something that frustrates you and write about it.  It helps a lot to rekindle that creative spark.

Alpha – What is your biggest pet peeve as a writer?

GEo – I really don’t have one when it comes to me being a writer however I do find it disturbing that a lot of amazing people who write incredible pieces do not get the proper attention and praise they deserve.  But yet Hollywood will advertise and publish an autobiography with help from a ghostwriter of course to non-aesthetic people (in my opinion) such as Paris Hilton, or graphically detail a tell all book by someone behind the scenes of some famously known icon such as Scott Weiland’s now ex-wife Mary Forsberg, and my personal detested favorite…the money grabbing hypocritical published books such as O.J. Simpson’s (his side of the story), Casey Anthony’s Lawyer (Presumed Guilty), and….Dr. Phil’s weight loss book!  I find it ironic that people will devour these types of books instead of finding one that’ll teach them a new language, philosophy, or even educate them in the true nature of Globalization.

Alpha – Do you believe that the art of writing is becoming obsolete due to the advancements of technology and do you feel that its rather dumbing society instead of advancing it?

GEo – Its ancient form of pen to paper maybe but in truth I see a different view were compared to my time back in the 80s/90s we really weren’t exposed fully to the act of writing like we do today with cyber applications such as facebook, foursquare, texting, chatting, etc.  People are more exposed to writing than before and I see that the vocabulary has expanded with this new generation along with a new death warning.  For example, back in the 80s/90s you always saw commercials with the slogans “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” and “Don’t drink and drive”, now it has changed to “Don’t text and drive”.  Society has evolved with technology and it’s pretty obvious that Heaven and Hell has joined the bandwagon as well.  In reality the true form of writing has and probably will never end however I do find that the art of conversation has diminished and needs an awakening for I find that people now a days talk in person like they do on facebook OMFG.         

The Angry Giant and the Mare

There once lived an Angry Giant who was cursed with Temper. He achieved a beautiful Mare who fell in love with all the privileges he offered. Little did the Mare know that the Angry Giant’s temper would soon come to fall on her. Like the weather the Angry Giant’s temper was unpredictable from one day to the next. Some days the Angry Giant would treat the Mare like the heartfelt creature that he was and later become the vicious monster that she feared. It was easy for the Mare to escape her horrible captor if it wasn’t for the tight rope he noosed around her neck and the blinders placed on her eyes. After so long of torment the Mare finally had enough of her torturer, she tore off the blinders, and saw the knot that held her neck and unraveled it. For the first time she felt scared to leave her compound for it was her sanctuary that came with a hellish price by the Angry Giant’s temper. In truth the Angry Giant loved the Mare but hated the fact that she was beautiful inside and out. He despised his own horrible appearance and took it out on the Mare. He heard the Mare yelling from outside and approached the stables to hear her address, “just because you’re an Angry Giant doesn’t mean you can get your way all the time….and I deserve better treatment than this and I have never treated you as horrible as you have treated me”. The Mare left the Angry Giant screaming and crying but for the first time ever….she felt free!

 The Moral of the story: If you have someone who loves you and see’s the real person within….cherish that love. Don’t let your unconscious EGO take a hold and make you treat that love with horrible intentions such as your temper, hurtful words, or jealousy tactics. They’ll get frustrated and leave you one day…this I swear.

Beg me not to finger trigger….

The cold…

Numbs you silently

The heat…

Leaves you high and dry

Your words…

Bruises me worse than your knuckles

Your love…

Meaningless as a fantasy romance

 My tears…

In visible but unnoticed

My fears…

Unconsciously killing me

 A stance…

Has taken me years to do

A gun…

Pointed right between your eyes

With fear…

Beg me not to finger trigger

With pity…

Shout like an infant hungers

Among the strong…

 I walk with pride and dignity 

Among the few…

I leave a poor excuse where it belongs

Can u tell I’m part of the Collective Unconcious!!!! :)

The Pharmicidal Lilith

“So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate.” Genesis 3:6   


She’s her own salvation….and damnation

The type of woman who leaves short flirty messages one moment and disappears for days.

A Lilith who enjoys an audience beyond reality….in a showbiz humanity….to cope from her unconscious insanity.

She showers her prey with intoxicating gifts of lust, drinks, and besitos besitos besitos amor. 

Yet she’s a victim of her own drugs…and what’s interesting is the fact you don’t have to talk about your problems to receive them….but you can talk about them while taking drugs with her.

Handful after handful she swallows with no regret….with no consideration for peace of mind….for it’s a mind she’s losing….and peace she can’t find….

Picture among pictures….she fakes her smiles and spiritual ecstasy during the week and spends each weekend drowned in over doses of “I’m so blessed and loving life statements”. 

What she doesn’t know…is the aftermath of her addiction….to quote Carina Round, “what they say when there is nothing left to burn yeah there’s no one else ooh set fire to yourself”.  And she’ll burn…slowly and painfully until there’s nothing more to burn. 

And yet she’ll continue to swallow her drugs to the point where the pleasure lasts for seconds and the withdrawal for days on end. 

If Eve gave Adam an apple which banned them both from Eden…consider this Eva a Pharmicidal Lilith that’ll probably ban you from your own consciousness…

Trust me!

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